Southern overtime ban & how the Government is supporting passengers.

I am totally exasperated by the ongoing problems at Southern Rail. Today, ASLEF restarted their overtime ban, which is causing disruption on the network.

I am disappointed that the performance improvements commuters have seen since the start of the year will be affected. ASLEF are also balloting members over the Government’s pay offer – which would have seen driver pay go up by almost 24% over four years, to a basic salary of £60,683 for a four-day, 35-hour week.

Performance has improved modestly in recent months. The Public Performance Measure – which measures performance across train operators – reached 85% on Southern in May, compared to 62% in early December 2016. This figure can only improve further, if industrial action by the trade unions stops.

GTR say they are serving more stations than during previous industrial action and more passengers will be able to travel than during the previous strikes.

As I mentioned in my previous post, I have written to the CEO at Southern to discuss with him directly the ongoing problems on the line.