Sam wants your view on broadband speeds

Sam is calling for constituents to send him issues related to broadband speeds, in order to provide a wider picture of the connection problems facing people across East Surrey. This includes rural areas, with many people unable to access the network speeds needed to undertake basic online activities, in turn adversely affecting the local rural economy. Internet “Speed tests” can be taken on various websites – these provide a snapshot of current download speeds at the time of testing. 

This follows on from Ofcom’s recent decision to change the current relationship between BT and Openreach. The ruling gives BT more independence and investment powers to Openreach, which owns the fibre and copper cables powering the broadband network. Whilst Sam welcomes this decision, he is aiming to develop a clearer idea of what the specific local issues are related to East Surrey’s digital infrastructure, to help map local connection black-spots, in turn using the information to inform Ofcom and local broadband providers.

Sam is encouraging constituents’ to e-mail broadband speed test results to 

Sam said: “Whilst I welcome Ofcom’s decision to give Openreach more independence, I understand just how frustrating it is to have a bad broadband connection. Broadband is a modern necessity, and in East Surrey, supporting faster broadband speeds is now no longer a matter of convenience but a vital foundation for economic growth. This is especially true for rural communities, with many constituents informing me that currently, speeds are not fast enough.” 

(Note: There are various speed tests which can be used to determine network speed. One such popular site is