Update: Noise disturbance over Woldingham

I am pleased to see that after the noise disturbance experienced by residents in Woldingham last summer, Biggin Hill management are giving appropriate focus to reducing noise for residents.

Having met with the senior management team, I am assured that the disturbances over Woldingham were due to a technical issue affecting flight paths, and that this activity will not reoccur.

The business model of the airport is not to increase flights by accepting charter or scheduled aircraft, but to continue to service private jets. These jets are able to climb quickly and therefore reduce noise impact.

I was impressed with the £11m technical training college planned which will create 2,300 well-paid jobs over the next 15 years.

The airport is currently running a consultation on the approach procedure of arriving aircraft, which will run until 18 February. The proposal would see Biggin Hill take airspace from Gatwick, with the effect of pushing Gatwick planes higher. I would encourage all interested parties to contribute to this at www.bigginhillairport.com/acp