Gatwick Airport noise update: 6th November

This week I have written to the Aviation Minister, Robert Goodwill MP, in a call for further action to help address the issue of aircraft noise for East Surrey residents.

The concentration of flights at Gatwick Airport has been a pressing concern for many constituents since P-RNAV technology was introduced for all outbound flights last year. Residents were not made aware of the scale of this impact at the time of Gatwick’s consultation on these changes in 2012.

I have maintained a regular dialogue with Gatwick Airport on the effect of this policy, and urged the airport to either revert to using the long-established flight paths, or use the technology to lessen the impact for residents most affected. I have also highlighted my concerns that Department for Transport guidelines, which seek to limit the number of people significantly affected by aviation noise, are instead being cited as an argument in favour of flight concentration. Having discussed this matter with Ministers on previous occasions, I have written to request further clarification that these guidelines do not encourage the concentration of flight noise, to the detriment of those under the flight paths.

To the greatest extent possible, the impact of aviation noise should be spread on a fair and equitable basis, and I will continue to make this case on behalf of residents affected.