Road safety update: speed limit to be reduced on Titsey Road, Oxted

5I am pleased that Surrey Highways have set out proposals to reduce the speed limit on Titsey Road from 60mph to 40mph. The 40mph speed limit would extend from the existing 30mph limit north of Bluehouse Lane up to and including the roundabout at the Titsey Hill/Limpsfield Road/Clarks Lane junction.

The collision that took place earlier this year (see previous blog here) was an unthinkable tragedy that demonstrated, in the worst way possible, the need for better safety precautions along this stretch of road. Having visited the site I welcome the action that is being taken, which is a testament to the efforts of both the families involved and Cllr Nick Skellett. I hope that the lower speed limit will be in place as soon as possible.

However, this remains a much wider issue, both in East Surrey and across the UK, where three people die each day on average on country roads. That is simply not acceptable. We need to do more to raise awareness amongst drivers of the dangers of rural roads, and greater action from local authorities to ensure that speed limits are appropriate and potential hazards well sign-posted.

Photo: at the site of the accident on Titsey Road with Cllr Nick Skellett, David and Patricia Sanders and Madeline Palmer, campaigning for the speed limit to be reduced. Photo courtesy of Kevin Black