Backing Portley residents against Greenbelt development

portley-835On Saturday I met with around 30 local residents in Portley, Caterham-on-the-Hill, who are rightly concerned about a proposed development on Whyteleafe Road approved by the Planning Inspector last week.

Having made the concerns of the community clear to the Inspectorate this was a disappointing result, and one which could reduce the ability of the local community and Tandridge District Council to resist inappropriate development, and be used as a precedent to support future applications.

No-one can deny that we need new houses to be built. But developments should be part of a balanced and strategic approach that takes account of the pressure placed on local infrastructure including roads, schools and hospitals. It must be driven by the needs of the community, not the interests of developers.

I will continue to fully support residents in their fight against further developments that would threaten the Greenbelt and the character of our area.

I would like to thank Clive Manley, head of the Portley Residents Alliance, which has around 350 supporters, for organising the event on Saturday.