Aircraft Noise: Gatwick needs to think again on P-RNAV

Residents have now experienced months of misery due to increased aviation noise, as a result of the introduction of the Precision Area Navigation System (P-RNAV) for aircraft at Gatwick. Enough is enough; Gatwick must think again over the impact this policy is having. P-RNAV allows planes to fly with increased accuracy in and out of Gatwick, and has been mandatory for all aircraft at the airport since May of this year. Designed to maximise runway use at Gatwick, the effect has been to concentrate aircraft along a much narrower 250-500m corridor of airspace over Felbridge, Lingfield and Dormansland. Clearly, residents were not made aware of this impact at the time of Gatwick’s consultation in 2012, which is unacceptable. However, the consultation did state that traffic could be reverted to the conventional flight paths if the change had a sufficiently detrimental effect. I believe that the present circumstances are sufficient to justify this step, or at the very least for alternative actions to be taken to mitigate the unbearable impact this change has had for my constituents. I have written to Gatwick to make this case, and I hope that these concerns will receive the full and serious consideration that they deserve.