Better safety on rural roads

On Saturday I joined with the parents of a young couple tragically killed in a car accident on Titsey Road, Oxted, to call for better safety on our rural roads. Titsey Road remains extremely hazardous for drivers, and more needs to be done to improve safety to prevent further tragedies from occurring. Whilst I would like to thank Surrey County Council’s Tandridge Local Committee for the action they have taken so far, introducing temporary signs to alert motorists to the dangerous corner and action to level the road surface, I urge them to implement a 40mph speed limit as soon as possible. However, this is a much wider issue, both in East Surrey and across the UK, where three people die each day on average on country roads. That is simply not acceptable. We need to do more to raise awareness amongst drivers of the dangers of rural roads, and greater action from local authorities to ensure that speed limits are appropriate and potential hazards well sign-posted. For any parent, this is an unthinkable tragedy to have to come to terms with. I have nothing but admiration for the way in which the families affected have coped. Photo: at the site of the accident on Titsey Road with Cllr Nick Skellett, David and Patricia Sanders and Madeline Palmer. Photo courtesy of Kevin Black