Sam Gyimah MP goes to work at East Surrey Hospital

On Friday, I spent time at East Surrey Hospital helping out as a Nursing Assistant on the Capel Ward. As the son of a nurse, I thought I knew what to expect, but the experience was a real eye opener. Caring for frail and elderly patients, I was tasked with serving patients the lunchtime meal and cleaning the commode, and throughout my visit I was impressed by the diligence, care and enthusiasm with which the staff undertook their duties. East Surrey Hospital has turned a corner, and today is meeting or exceeding its clinical targets. In addition, I met Chief Financial Officer Paul Simpson to discuss the unannounced Care Quality Commission inspection the day before, and the challenges of managing a district general hospital at a time of increasing demand. It is great to see that the Hospital has a clear plan moving forward, and to continue improving the service provided to our community.