Bourne Society plaque unveiled at Caterham Soldiers’ Home

On Saturday (22 Feb) I was in Caterham on the Hill to attend the unveiling ceremony, organised by the Bourne Society, of a new plaque to mark the location of the Caterham Soldiers’ Home. The building, which is now the Raj Tandoori, operated as a recreational facility for soldiers from 1898-c1950. Following the ceremony further discussion of the site’s history took place in the King and Queen pub, which also featured a fascinating exhibition of Caterham’s military heritage and pictures from an army recruitment day in 1915. The event was a reminder of the vital work that groups like the Bourne Society do to preserve the story of our community, rich with detail that would otherwise be lost. My thanks to everyone involved in making this event such a success. Photo: Sam with Paul Sandford, Chairman of the Bourne Society