MPs take action on stench from Cormongers Lane landfill

The odour rising from the Cormonger’s Lane landfill site has understandably caused a lot of distress to the community living nearby. I am extremely concerned that, nearly a month after residents first highlighted the problem, unacceptable levels of gas continue to pass into the atmosphere. As an issue affecting both my constituents and those of Crispin Blunt, MP for the Reigate constituency, I am working closely with Crispin to keep up the pressure on the site operator, Biffa. On Friday both Crispin and I visited the site, to inspect the measures that have been put in place by Biffa and speak to the site’s management over the further steps needed to bring the situation under control. I understand that the problems, which began almost a month ago, have been exacerbated by the impact of recent heavy rainfall. Levels of gas are being tested twice-daily from multiple points around the site, with the Environment Agency stepping up inspections and demanding progress on Biffa’s plans to combat the disgusting smell. Whilst the steps being taken are encouraging, Biffa has a lot still to do to address the stench from the site and a far greater amount to restore public confidence. I welcome the action of the Environment Agency to step up its inspections of the site, and both Crispin and I will keep up the pressure on Biffa to address this as a matter of absolute priority. Photo: