National Voter Registration Day: make your voice count!

Today is the UK’s first National Voter Registration Day, a new initiative to encourage more people to join the electoral register and vote. The right to vote is one of the greatest privileges of our society, and a vital way in which we can shape our country and community for the better. We are fortunate to live in a democracy where everyone has a voice, and every vote counts. Yet too many people are not registered to vote, including nearly half of adults under the age of 24. That is why I have recently written to schools and young people in East Surrey about the importance of registering to vote, and why I would strongly encourage everyone – whatever your age and whatever your views ? to make sure that you are on the register, and that your voice gets heard. You can add your name to the electoral roll at any time of the year at , but remember that it takes a few days to process, and elections can be called at short notice ? so don’t delay! Image: Sam attending Democracy Day at Warlingham School