Tandridge District Council launches Young Worker Scheme

I was pleased to learn that Tandridge District Council is launching a Young Worker Scheme. The scheme will provide young people aged 18-24 with a minimum of six months paid work experience and is aimed at young people who are unemployed and living in the district. It will help to give these individuals the essential training, skills and experience they need to gain future employment. I welcome the Council’s effort to improve the skills and opportunities available to young people, and I would encourage anyone interested to look closely at the details of the scheme. For more information please contact one of the following: Nicki Weetman at Jobcentre Plus on 01737 755888 or nicki.weetman@dwp.gsi.gov.uk Frances Summerfield at Jobcentre Plus on 01737 755882 or frances.summerfield@dwp.gsi.gov.uk