Backing financial education in schools

Every primary and secondary school in my constituency has been sent free Get Money Smart posters and teaching materials by national charity pfeg (Personal Finance Education Group), which wants to get children talking about money in the classroom. The charity’s Get Money Smart posters ? for children aged up to seven, 11, 14 and 16 ? are designed to encourage classroom discussions about things children can do to learn more about money and personal finance. Ideas for different ages include checking your change, estimating the cost of a weekly shop, comparing mobile phone tariffs and planning and budgeting for a trip. I’m pleased to see that our local schools are being encouraged to hold discussions with their pupils over 4 things the posters suggest they can do to learn about money ? with the 5th being left up to each class to decide. Ideas for the 5th activity can then be shared with other classes across the country on Twitter using the #5thingstodo hashtag.