My position on Syria

The use of chemical weapons is a war crime. As a leading member of the international community Britain has a responsibility to uphold international law, by taking action against those who commit these crimes and to deter their use. That is why I voted in favour of the Government motion presented to Parliament yesterday. The motion supported the principle of limited, legal and proportionate action to deter the future use of chemical weapons in Syria, whilst setting out clearly that further Parliamentary approval would be required before any military action could take place. Both the Government motion and the amended motion put forward by the Opposition were voted down by the House of Commons. This rules out the possibility of Britain taking part in any military intervention by the international community, but as the Prime Minister has said, we will continue to take a case to the United Nations and we will continue to work in all the organisations we are members of – whether the EU, Nato, the G8 or the G20 – to condemn what’s happened in Syria.