My latest column for Tandridge Voluntary Service Council

From the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Celebrations through to the Olympic and Paralympic Games, 2012 has been a year of spectacular events made possible only by the willingness of thousands of people to give up their time to serve as volunteers. With the summer of 2012 now at a close, we must make sure that the legacy of these events is a spirit of volunteering that endures for years to come. Here in Tandridge, we are fortunate that there are already many excellent charities and voluntary organisations in place, offering a wide choice of opportunities to get involved and providing a real service to our community. One fantastic example is the Orpheus Centre in Godstone. Founded by Sir Richard Stilgoe, the Centre provides performing arts and life skills teaching for over 40 young disabled adults each year. Supported by a network of more than 100 volunteers, the Orpheus Centre stands as a testament to the crucial role of volunteers in transforming lives for the better. That is why my fianc