Update on reducing HGV traffic along the A25

On Friday I met with representatives of Surrey County Council Highways Department and residents’ group, TAG A25 at Tandridge District Council. The last meeting was 20 January 2012. At the recent meeting SCC Highways Department announced that they have committed to looking at infrastructure in Tandridge, with a particular focus on the A25. The Highways Department will be reassessing a survey made in 2000, and looking to update A25 traffic data to better understand the impact that HGV lorries have on local residents. The A25 desperately needs a reassessment of its capabilities, as it is currently being pushed to breaking point. We are never going to be rid of HGV lorries, but we have put a very strong case to the Highways Department that there should be further restrictions on HGV movements and numbers; that traffic calming measures should be introduced in the villages along the A25 to mitigate their impact; and for the development of a potential long-term strategy involving another access point with the M25. I will post further updates on the situation as events progress.