BBC Daily Politics Interview: The Eurozone Crisis

On Monday I appeared on the BBC’s Daily Politics show to discuss the Eurozone, our economy and raising school standards. I was joined by Stephen Gilbert MP (Lib Dem, St Austell & Newquay) and Shadow Business Minister Toby Perkins MP (Labour, Chesterfield). My key points during the interview were: – The Eurozone desperately needs to take action now if it is to be able to resolve its problems in the long term. – The Government has taken the right action to ensure that the UK is a safe haven for investment but more needs to be done to boost business confidence, which is key to job creation. – After a CBI report earlier this week showing 4 out of 10 employers believe school leavers lack the basic skills they need in Maths, English and IT, it is more important than ever for the Government to push ahead with its education reforms. Raising academic standards in schools is not simply a function of how much money is poured into the education system. We need to get our educational priorities right, which for me also includes greater emphasis on foreign languages.