Three Woods Action Group meet Gatwick & easyJet in Westminster

On Wednesday I hosted a meeting between the Three Woods Action Group, Gatwick, easyJet and Councillor Alan Jones from GATCOM in order to highlight the impact that Gatwick out bound flights have in Domewood. The Three Woods Action Group (representing the Domewood, New Domewood and Furnace Wood estates) acknowledged the marked improvement made by easyJet, who recently adjusted their flight path away from Domewood. The general consensus, however is that this is just the start, as easyJet is not the only airline carrier operating at Gatwick. I’m pleased that we managed to get everyone round the table to discuss the issues that face Domewood residents and their quality of life. I welcome Gatwick’s commitment to be a responsible neighbour and along with easyJet provide an assurance to be increasingly receptive to local residents. Looking ahead, I want to see more communication between residents and Gatwick in order to work on long term solutions, especially as capacity in our airports is so strongly linked to economic growth.