Celebrating our Epilepsy Champions

It was great to be able to host a well deserved thank you party for the National Centre for Young People with Epilepsy on Wednesday in the House of Commons to thank the thirty one staff from Surrey and Sussex schools who trained to become “Epilepsy Champions”. This was part of the NCYPE’s Champions for Childhood Epilepsy campaign. In 2009, each of the 21 schools taking part chose one or more members of staff to become their ?epilepsy champion’. The staff then received free training from the NCYPE and went back to work with their colleagues to revise school policies and procedures on supporting with pupils with epilepsy. As is obvious from the increased awareness and skills the Champions came away with after their training, the NCYPE are leaders in their field and this campaign will help harness that knowledge so that people all over the UK can begin to appreciate the challenges that those with epilepsy face. I’d encourage anyone interested to visit